Quick Reads

5-7 min reads for those who would prefer shorter stories

The Secret of True Happiness

A king that gives to his people and is generous, always seems to unhappy. His ministers go on a search to find apparel that will make the king happy.

Success is a word, not a way of life

What is your choice?
You’ll hear your inner voice, but will you listen? 

10 Short Zen Stories

These short stories will assist you in your journey to peace and contentment, if you pay them close attention and let them talk to the depths of your being.

Mildred and her messy closet : Back To Basics Descartes’ Method

Here is an analogy for Descartes’ “method” Mildred discovers the “basics” of her wardrobe. Renée’s suggestion that Mildred might then go on to rebuild her wardrobe on this foundation is intended to suggest the process of synthesis.

The Journey of Hisato Khalid

Born in London to a Japanese mother and Egyptian father. You join him on his journey through life and his search for what he desired.

Hisato means – ‘long lived’, Khalid, – ‘immortal’; His name and his upbringing, like a moth to a flame, enticed him towards an enchanting light that would never be lit.